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If you have a release older than 4.0 please follow this link

What is the default login for Enterprise Editions ?

Please login with the default super-administrator account:

username = admin
password = (empty password)

Problems running application on Windows Vista, 7 or 8 ?

If you have the User Account Control activated, you have to run the application on administrator mode.

You just can start it from shortcut menu over application icon (Execute as administrator), or, better, define the administrator mode on shortcut properties.

How to change application settings without enter in application (e.g.: change paths) ?

Edit the configuration file that is inside root application folder:

  • SDO-CONFIG.ini (e.g.: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer HE\)

Major operations could be done using the general settings of application, change directly in this file only as last resource.

Problems installing application ?

Please check the following steps:

  • Check that you have pre-installed Microsoft Framework 4.0 or higher. You need that framework to runs the application! Go to microsoft download center and download it from there.
  • Check that you have internet explorer 6.0 or higher installed.
  • check that you have Administrator privileges to install application
  • Check if you have MySQL ODBC driver installed (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Clean all internet temporary files (use for e.g.: CCleaner, it's free and can be download from internet)

After this steps, if application stills not working, please contact our support team:

Problems getting or download application from server when try to install ?

The Simple Doc Organizer use the ClickOnce Deployment technology from Microsoft, this technology needs to connects to our main server to download always the latest content of application before install into your computer, the problem is that sometimes the download files broken or get corrupted in your computer and the installer don't advance because browser to speed up downloads tries first from cache. To turn around this, you just need to delete Temporary Internet offline Content or Cache, using your default browser or a free program as e.g. CCleaner.

If you use chrome, go to Options → Under the Hood → Clear Browsing Data.

If you use Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options, click in General tab and than Delete button of Browsing History.

After clean all internet offline content or cache, uninstall old SDO Framework and Simple Doc Organizer using your control panel, than try again the Simple Doc Organizer setup.

​Another simple and easy way is just remove temp files from computer, usually located inside C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Local\Temp.

What i need to keep (backup) before uninstall application to install new one?

When you uninstall a application, the important files are keep (Archives, Data, License file, Config file, etc). For further information, please check the backup and restore section.

Can i keep my Archive when i reinstall or install a new software version?

Yes. when you uninstall the software, the DATABASE folder, wich was the folder that contains ARCHIVES, DATA, etc…, is always keeper in the system, as the checkout documents, recycle and logs folder. So, when you reinstall or install a new version, you just need to:

1) Uninstall old application (Just application client in the case of professional edit.)
2) Install new application in the same folder as the old one.

Before start with re-installation or installation of Software, we alway advice you to proceed with a backup. Check Backup and Restore section.

HowTo complete remove Simple Doc Organizer from my computer ?

Follow the next steps (e.g. for FREE Edition):

1) Uninstall Simple Doc Organizer application using Windows applications manager
2) Remove file: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\SDOFE_PATH.ini
3) Remove folder: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer FE\ (This is the path where you define to store data on beginning)

HowTo manually Backup and Restore ?

It is very important that you configure your Document Management System to backup and restore the important Archives and Data. You need to acquire a backup & restore software, or, you just can do it using the simple copy or zip operations using your OS.

Please follow this link:

How to configure Simple Doc Organizer to open files with predefined windows applications?

Open SDO-CONFIG.ini file (e.g.: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer HE\SDO-CONFIG.ini) and write in [EXTERNAL] section the extensions and the associated program to open. Check bellow example for open images with .NET paint and text files with Wordpad.

OPEN_FILE2=“C:\Programas\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe”

How to activate Web Dossiers (Google Docs integration) in Enterprise Edition?

Open SDO-CONFIG.ini file (e.g.: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer EE\SDO-CONFIG.ini) and write in [GEN] section the following key entry:


Can i register my trial version ?

Yes. If you just need to buy the license (serial numbers) in sale section of our web site.

How to register application ?

Go to Help → Register Application on main menu, and type the serial code that was provided to you by e-mail. Please note, you should need a unique serial number to each workstation.

I reinstall the application, now i need to register it again ?

No. The license file, either the data, aren't deleted on uninstallation, are by default stored into your Documents folder.

If you loose that file, or have any related issue, please contact support team.

How to upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0 ?

Just uninstall version 3.1 and install new version. The new version is 100% compatible with version 3.1.

What is the difference between Upgrades and Updates ?

An Upgrade is a change from some version (e.g.: 3.1) to a newer version (e.g.: 4.0), an Update is just for example the update from to,… The Updates are free and are automatic loaded on startup by the application using internet, the Upgrades, usually are paid, but usually we offer the Upgrade to next release of release that you buy.

How to get last updates to my Simple Doc Organizer ?

The updates are automatically download by Simple Doc Organizer from main server. Every time that is launched a new update, Simple Doc Organizer detects that is out of date and ask you if you want download last update on startup.

The Archives from SDO are compatible between Editions?

Yes, you can use the Archives in any Edition.

What Archive versions can be imported in version 4.0 ?

You can import Archives upper version 2.0.

How to Visualize PDF and OFFICE Documents in Simple Doc Organizer ?

The viewing of office documents (MS Office) and PDF (Adobe Reader) can be done using the internal viewer's implementation through Internet Explorer plugins for proper documents. To activate/deactivate de visualization of that kind of files, open and edit the SDO-CONFIG.ini file (e.g.: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer HE\SDO-CONFIG.ini) and change the proper keys

#Activate=1; Deactivate=0
#Show Documents MS Office
#Show Documents Adobe Reader PDF

By default, Office and PDF file types are displayed, if for example you do not wish to view the PDF, just equal to zero the respective parameter: IEPLUGIN_AREADER = 0.

Please note, to view these documents (Office and PDF files) into Simple Doc Organizer, you need to have installed the proper programs, MS Office for office documents, Adobe Reader or Acrobat Professional for PDFs. You also need to make sure you have Internet Explorer installed.

After activate PDF internal visualization, PDF still not showing up

Open Adobe Reader, go to:

Edit → Preferences → Internet

Make sure that you activate the option to show documents in browser

After activate MS OFFICE internal visualization, Office Documents still not showing up or popup a dialog box

  • Check if documnet can be open inside web browser (must be)

Download FileTypesMan from:

Run the program than choose the format extension of document that you want to show, e.g. .doc, then edit file type option and make sure you uncheck the “Don't open inside a web browser…”

  • If you have Internet Explorer 10 or upper please ensure the Open and Save popup dialog box aren't showed up anymore
  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE)
  2. Drag and Drop over IE the office document of the type you want to open automatically next time.
  3. This will give you the Open/Save prompt.
  4. Select the Save option.
  5. Then in Internet Explorer click Tools
  6. Under Tools click the View Downloads option
  7. You will see a popup containing the file that you just downloaded.
  8. Right-click on the file
  9. In the options presented, make sure to un-check the option labeled: Always ask before opening this type of file
  • If after that still not working for PDF files, try re-install Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro and check above steps again, try also restart PC. If you have Windows 8.1 try following tip.

​If you have Windows 8.1 try locate SimpleDocOrganizer.exe (Free) or SimpleDocOrganizerHE.exe (Home) or SimpleDocOrganizerEE.exe (Enterprise) in the Windows Apps root drive and then set it to run in compatibility mode for windows 7


How to open access to a network host or computer to MySQL Server

By default, MySQL only opens or grants access to localhost, this means, only the host where MySQL is installed have access. You need to configure the MySQL to grant access to other machines or hosts in the network.

Start MySQL command line tool, typing in a console of your operating system:

mysql -u root -p

e.g.: cd c:\xampp\mysql\bin mysql -u root -p

or (linux machines):

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p

Your shell prompt should now look like this:


Run this command:



## Grant access to root for host

## Grant acess to all hosts:

Where <USERNAME> and <PASSWORD> is the username and pass that you define to access to MySQL and <HOST_IP> the IP of machine that you want grant access.

At last step, flush the changes in database. Run this command:


Run this command to exit MySQL:


Done! There is a lot of articles about this in internet, just google it…

If you face problems executing privileges command for root user, you need to set or define a password to root. execute bellow command:
mysqladmin -u root password <NEWPASSWORD>
After that don't forget to restart MySQL server

Upgrade MySQL ODBC driver to 5.3 in Workstations

  1. Download 32 and 64 bits versions here:
  2. Install both versions in the client worstation
  3. Add following line bellow [GEN] in SDO-CONFIG.ini file (path ex.: C:\Users\DemoUser\Documents\Simple Doc Organizer EE\)

Report/Log FTP and MySQL connection logs

To activate in some wrokstation, just add following lines to the end of SDO-CONFIG.ini file (path ex.: C:\userdata\User\My Documents\Simple Doc Organizer EE\SDO-CONFIG.ini):


SDO should start report errors to log files inside LOGERRORS folder (path ex.: C:\userdata\User\My Documents\Simple Doc Organizer EE\LOGERRORS\).

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