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Simple Doc Organizer - Free Edition - Version 4.0

What's New

  • New GUI interface engine
  • Misc. Improvements

Simple Doc Organizer - Free Edition - Version 3.1

What's New

  • New Archive and Repository Info pane
  • DMS Repository Configuration improvement
  • Misc. Improvements

Simple Doc Organizer - Free/Light Edition - Version 3.0

What's New

  • Renewal and Simplified Graphical User Interface
  • Merge/Join Documents into a multi-page PDF
  • Drag & Drop improvements
  • Web Dossiers (Synchronization of Dossiers with Google Docs) [Light Edition only]

Simple Doc Organizer - Free/Light Edition - Version 2.1

What's New

  • Main Interface and Multi-tab application system improvement
  • Statistics Dashboard
  • Startup configuration Wizard (possibility to define place for Archive)
  • Drag & Drop Improvements
  • Archive Filter: Possibility to load only dossiers and sub-folders on main tree
  • Batch Scan Documents as Multiple or Single Page Documents
  • Import Recursive Folders and Documents

Simple Doc Organizer - Free/Light Edition - Version 2.0

Major Features

  • Documents acquire by Scanner or Explorer;
  • Integrated visualizer of Images, WEB Files, Text and PDF files;
  • Documents Version Control with keeping of original;
  • Mark Documents with Flags/Tags;
  • Advanced and Personalized Documents Classification using Masks;
  • Advanced Search by indexed Classification fields;
  • Quickly Search by Content of documents of type Office, PDF, Text, etc…;
  • PDF & SAR Publish;
  • Scan documents directly to PDF;
Version History (22.03.2011)

  • Improvement of installer
  • fix a bug in QuickSearch and improvement of search by content (11.03.2011)

  • Some generic improvements
  • Add button upgrade and update to system (09.03.2011)

  • generates thumbnails for more file types (works on vista and 7)
  • enable archive admin (03.03.2011)

  • Fix some refresh problems on right pane
  • Fix recycle info pane
  • improve admin masks
  • improve dashboard
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