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Installation of Simple Doc Organizer - Home Edition

Before Install (Prerequesites)


Before install application, please ensure that you have installed:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10 (32/64 bits versions)
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or upper;
  3. Microsoft Framework 4.5.2.

And also ensure that you have administrator privileges.

If you don't have one of the refer packages installed, please go to Microsoft download center.


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  • Acrobat Reader

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  • MS Office

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Install Application

  1. Extract or unzip the zip file (e.g.: and execute or run setup.exe file.

  2. Before install Simple Doc Organizer, installer will check the dependencies, one of them is the SDO Framework, click Install to continue.

  3. Accept the SDO Framework EULA and click Next to continue.

  4. Click in Install to continue.

  5. Click in Finish to finalize SDO Framework installation and continue.

  6. After all package dependencies have been resolved, the main installer form of Simple Doc Organizer will be displayed to you, click in Install to proceed with installation.


Setup/Startup Application (First Time)

To Configure the Simple Doc Organizer for the first time, please follow the Wizard that is displayed on first running.

  1. On first screen, choose the language for the application and click in Next to continue.

  2. Then, select the path to store configuration files and click in Next to continue.

  3. Select the path to store DMS Archive and Data then click in Next to continue.

  4. Choose the name for Archive and password and click in Finish to finalize the wizard and startup application.



If you are facing installation problems, please follow seek help on Knowledgebase.

In case you don't get answer to your problem, try send an email to:

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