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Prices Compare of Simple Doc Organizer Editions

Prices Compare

Edition Description Price
Home Edition Single-machine Solution 75€
Enterprise Edition (2 Lic.) Multi-machine Solution for 2 workstations / Multi-users 190€
Enterprise Edition (Additional License) Integration of 1 additional workstation (additional license) 80€

Upgrades (between editions):

Edition Description Price
Upgrade Light2Home. Upgrade from Light Edition to Home Edit. (1 license) 40€
Upgrade Home2Enterprise Edit. Upgrade from Home Edition to Enterprise Edit. (cost for 2 licenses) 120€
Upgrade Prof2Enterprise Edit. Upgrade from Professional Edition to Enterprise Edit. (cost per license) 30€

Upgrades (same editions, different versions):

Edition Description Price
Upgrade Home2Home. Upgrade from Home Edition vX.Y to Home Edition vW.Z (1 license) 50€
Upgrade Enterprise2Enterprise Edit. Upgrade from Enterprise Edit. vX.Y to Enterprise Edit. vW.Z (cost per license) 70€

*Application Type: SINGLE: For each PC or computer you need 1 license. If you need to reinstall application in other PC you need to remove old installation first or buy a new license;
For PACKAGE license type, you can buy packages of licenses, e.g.: if you need to install the application in 2 computers, you can buy a package of two licenses.

**After 1 year, upgrades to different versions are paid. Example: upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 or 3.0. Only updates with bug fixes and inside same release are free after 1 year, example: 2.1.nnn, 3.0.mmm, etc…

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