Simple Doc Organizer Free Edition

We have released a free version of Simple Doc Organizer, the Free Edition.

The Free Edition have features similar to the home edition and is the perfect solution for the personal and home use.

Check here the release notes or home page of Free Edition

Simple Doc Organizer 2.0 has been released!

It is already available the version 2.0 of Simple Doc Organizer. Easier and with a renewal Graphical Interface, the 2.0 version allows a unique experience in document management area.

Check here the release notes.

Simple Doc Organizer 2.0 coming soon…

The next generation of Simple Doc Organizer will coming soon, it is planned to coming out on May of this year: The 2.0 version.

The 2.0 version will introduce a new and revolutionary document management API, that will allow a better and easily integration of third party applications, A fresh and style configurable GUI, and a lot of new improvements and features.

As major features, 2.0 will introduce the ability to:

  • Document Digital Signatures
  • Pre-indexation Dossiers postponed to 2.1 version
  • Search Documents by Content
  • Scan documentsĀ  directly to PDF
  • Windows Quick Search and Import Plugin
  • Recognizable file names possibility option in DMS Repository
  • Google Docs Integration postponed to 2.1 version

And there is another good new, the 2.0 will be freely distributed by 1.7 customers!


The first published picture of 2.0 version!

Stay in track šŸ˜‰

Simple Doc Organizer 1.7 (NEW)


It’s already released the version 1.7 of Simple Doc Organizer, in Edition Home and Professional!

With version 1.7 you have new powerful features and a lot of improvements:

– Version Track Comments: Insert comments when checked-in Documents;
– Recycle new options: Open Recycle, Delete Recycle a Doc Information;
– Archive Dashboard: Initial Dashboard with resumed Archive information and quick action options;
– Quick show of not indexed and flagged documents;
– Multi-mask Archives with dossier concept: allows to use more than one indexation mask in one Archive with concept of Dossiers;
– Encryption of documents: Allows to activate the encryption of Archives and Dossiers to encrypt documents;
– New list folder option: list detailed view mode of Documents;
– Notes Managing: Allows to remove, add and edit notes;
– Define Private Dossiers to multiple users;
– Archives Administration: Pack and Re-index Archives;
– Easily define Archive Users Access;
– Easily Define Private Folders Users Access.
– Count Scanned Documents;


Create and Use Classification Masks

If you not find a mask that you desire for your needs, you can create on-line a personalized mask to use in Simple Doc Organizer.

The following two videos show to you, how simple is to create and use personalized masks in your Archives.


Create a Mask to Catalog Invoices/Receipts


Use the Invoice/Receipts Mask to index a new Archive

Work on Simplified Mode

Simple Doc Organizer allows to you change or work with application in Simplified Mode. On Simplified Mode you can have more free desktop area docking the application to left or right of your desktop.


OFFLINE Access to Archives

Simple Doc Organize Professional Edition (Multi-machine, Network Solution), allows to you access to Archives or Cabinets off-line, without network connection.

Activating the OFF-LINE mode, you always access to your documents!

Go anywhere with your laptop and access to your Archives without the need to have access to the network.


Share and Distribute Documents in a secure way with SAR export

Share and Distribute Documents in a secure way with Simple Doc Organizer Home and Professional Edition using the export to SAR format option.

The generated SAR files, mini archives exported, can be freely readĀ  by anyone, using Simple Archive Reader (FREE available online), or just imported using any Simple Doc Organizer edition.

You can protect the SAR files with a password, for restrict access. Define permissions to export, print or send by e-mail any included document in that mini archive format (SAR).Ā  By this way, is too simple share your documents with associated data indexation for anyone with protection.


Create Physical Archives and index it in Simple Doc Organizer

Stores the scanned documents into dossiers, boxes or other physical storage container and index them in Simple Doc Organizer.

Simple Doc Organizer allows to you associate the digital folders (virtual) of application with the physical storage containers, we call it physical archive indexation. By this way is too simple to create a physical archive to keep your physical documents for a future inspection or audition need.


Create and use a Workflow to Review Documents

The next two flash videos will show how you can use the Simple Doc Organizer, Professional Edition, to create and use a new workflow, to put documents in review process by others users.

Create workflow flash movie

Create workflow flash movie


Put document in review flash movie