Simple Doc Organizer 2.1

We are pleased to announce the 2.1 release of Simple Doc Organizer!

The main interface is now more customizable and friendly and the multi-tabs system was improved; The Dashboard have now a statistics pane; The Drag & Drop was improved; The Archive Filter gives the possibility to load only dossiers and folders in main tree, this will improve the load of big Archives; Etc, etc…

There was some change at installation and startup level too. The installation process is now directly from our web server to avoid out of date releases, and the updates process is now shorter and faster. Another improvement is after installation, the user have now a wizard to startup and configure the DMS in a easy way.

Another good new is the Enterprise Edition, similar to Professional but it is prepared to use MySQL Databases and configure a remote client that can work over internet. This is very useful to setup remote workstation outside main network.

Check out our release notes to see in details what is new in each edition:


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