New website redesign

We have redesigned our website, that is now html5 responsive built-in.


Simple Doc Organizer 4.0 has been released!

Simple Doc Organizer 4.0 has been released! The new interface, clean and based on Windows Metro style, will give you a whole new experience in a document management software systems. Try it, download a Trial or Free version now.

Simple Doc Organizer 3.1 has been released!

Simple Doc Organizer 3.1 has been released! Try it now, download a Trial or Free version from our downloads section.

Import predefined Folder Structures

Simple Doc Organizer allows to you import a entire folder structure, check the bellow example.

Create the folder structure that you desire in your filesystem, using windows explorer, call them, e.g. Dossier Template 1.

To Import into Simple Doc Organizer,  select the import type option: ‘Folders and Documents (Recursive)’, than click in Explorer button to import the Dossier template created by you.

Redistribute Archives with Simple Doc Organizer

Simple Doc Organizer Home, Professional and Enterprise allows to you share or redistribute Archives between systems.

Using the Export option, you can export a entire Archive from your SDO system, and, share    or redistribute to import in other System.

Exporting/Importing Archives gives to you the possibility to Backup your Archives, Redistribute or Share throw by e.g. a PEN, DVD, etc… and later on  import into same SDO System/Edition, or other one using a different Edition. For e.g.,  you can export an Archive using your Professional Edition than Import it using the Home or Enterprise Edition.


Simple Doc Organizer 3.0 has been released!

Simple Doc Organizer 3.0 has been released! Try it now, download a Trial or Free version from our downloads section.

Simple Doc Organizer 3.0 coming soon!

The next version of Simple Doc Organizer, the 3.0, it’s almost ready to delivery. The 3.0 will be even more user-friendly and easily, and will give you a complete new experience in Document Management area!
And there is a good new to Simple Doc Organizer customers, the 3.0 will be free deliverable by who already have a license of version 2.0 or 2.1.
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Scan Multiple Receipts and Split as New Documents

Scan Multiple small papers and Split them as New Documents with Simple Doc Organizer. For e.g., suppose you have a lot of small receipts and want to scan all at same time in a flat office scanner, with SDO is to simple than split all into new and individual documents.

Check the bellow video with an example:

Batch Scan Documents

Simple Doc Organizer allows to you Batch Scan Documents as a single or multiple page documents or files. If you have a scanner with automatic document feeder (ADF) you will probably want to do batch scans, with Simple Doc Organizer you can scan all your documents from ADF to a multi-page document, as a PDF or TIF, or to single or individual page documents, and save it as multiple image format or as a PDF too.

The video bellow shows how to do Batch Scans with Simple Doc Organizer:

Simple Doc Organizer 2.1

We are pleased to announce the 2.1 release of Simple Doc Organizer!

The main interface is now more customizable and friendly and the multi-tabs system was improved; The Dashboard have now a statistics pane; The Drag & Drop was improved; The Archive Filter gives the possibility to load only dossiers and folders in main tree, this will improve the load of big Archives; Etc, etc…

There was some change at installation and startup level too. The installation process is now directly from our web server to avoid out of date releases, and the updates process is now shorter and faster. Another improvement is after installation, the user have now a wizard to startup and configure the DMS in a easy way.

Another good new is the Enterprise Edition, similar to Professional but it is prepared to use MySQL Databases and configure a remote client that can work over internet. This is very useful to setup remote workstation outside main network.

Check out our release notes to see in details what is new in each edition: